Kotlin production release date



I searched for this info but I haven’t found anything, so I am asking it here: Does
Jetbrains has some release date for Kotlin 1.0 ?
Or estimation at least?



I am also very interested in this information.  Is there a published, up-to-date roadmap for Kotlin somewhere?


Predictably, people keep asking this question. :) The reply is: we are planning a "beta release" rather soon (possibly, in a matter of months from now). This is not 1.0, for one reason: releasing a 1.0 means guaranteeing backward compatibility in all future releases. We do not want to commit to it because the language must be validated by extensive production use (at least inside JetBrains) before we can be 100% sure that there no problems we'd like to fix in a backwards-incompatible way.


Thanks for the answer. I 'm looking forward to see beta relaese.