Kotlin multiplateform, kotlin 1.4 and other info

do you know if and when the multiplateform kotlin will sort of “experimental”?
Also , do you know when kotlin 13.40 and 1.4 will be out and what will be the new feature?

Do you have any public road map when I can find all the future milestone of kotlin without asking?

Kotlin 1.3.40: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/KT?q=%231.3.40
I don’t know anything about 1.4. I guess the Kotlin team will publish a couple of blog posts about the features in it before it will be released, but I don’t remember seeing anything.

The answer I remember seeing to the question “when will it be released” has always been “when it’s ready” but v1.4 is probably some time away, since we don’t have any concrete information about it. Also if they keep up the speed of releases I guess 1.4 will be released at the end of this year. v1.2 was released in November and v1.3 a year later in October. So I guess 1.4 will be release around that time as well.

The only feature I can think of that will be part of v1.4 (probably) is the new type inference backend. It’s already part of kotlin as an experimental optional system but I guess they will switch to it when v1.4 is released

The new inference is on by default in 1.3.40 which is expected in weeks if not days. I believe 1.4 will feature IR and probably some basic support for compiler plugins. Maybe something new as well.

I didn’t know that. I thought the eap only enabled the new inference for the visual feedback in the Intellij but wouldn’t change compilation. I didn’t see anything that suggested that they will change this for the real 1.3.40 release, but maybe I missed it.

Frankly speaking, it is just my understanding. No reason to turn something on in EAP to turn it of in the release.

I agree, but that’s why I don’t think it will be fully enabled in 1.3.40, since it’s not fully turned on in the eap.

Enabling the new type inference still requires an extra compiler argument.

There is no public roadmap yet, sorry. Version 1.3.40 is going to be released in a few weeks.

Regarding the new type inference: this thing requires a long EAP/feedback period to iron out all the serious bugs, so it’s too soon to enable it by default in 1.3.40 compiler. That’s why it’s enabled only in the IDE for now. That way we can get the feedback from users as soon as possible while not breaking everyone’s builds.

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