Kotlin Multiplatform binaries name for Native targets

I am trying to change the binaries name generated by the multiplatform plugin for Native targets (for iOS), by I am getting this error:

Cannot create binary debugFramework: binary with such a name already exists

My build.gradle files is with:

 // add a platform switching to have an IDE support
final def buildForDevice = project.findProperty('kotlin.native.cocoapods.target') == 'ios_arm'

if (buildForDevice) {

    sourceSets {
} else {

targets.matching { it.platformType.name == 'native' }.all {
    compilations.each {
        it.extraOpts('-linker-options', '-lsqlite3')

        // specify a custom objective-c prefix/name
        // it.extraOpts('-module-name', 'DinnoKt')

    binaries {
        framework {
           baseName = ‘MyLibKt’

If I pass a name to the framework, like:

binaries {
     framework("MyLibKt") {
         // disable bitcode embedding for the simulator build
         if (!buildForDevice) {
             embedBitcode 'bitcode' // for release binaries

This works well, but a new apple framework is produced on build/bin/ios folder, aside the auto-generated by the kotlin-multuplatform plugin

We got this already solved in Kotlin Slack, but for the record.
CocoaPods plugin creates framework by itself, so manual description is redundant. The only problem here is with re-naming unavailability, it is reported here. The best one can do to workaround this aspect is to change the name of the Gradle project.