Kotlin Multiplatform binaries name for Native targets

I am trying to change the binaries name generated by the multiplatform plugin for Native targets (for iOS), by I am getting this error:

Cannot create binary debugFramework: binary with such a name already exists

My build.gradle files is with:

 // add a platform switching to have an IDE support
final def buildForDevice = project.findProperty('kotlin.native.cocoapods.target') == 'ios_arm'

if (buildForDevice) {

    sourceSets {
} else {

targets.matching { it.platformType.name == 'native' }.all {
    compilations.each {
        it.extraOpts('-linker-options', '-lsqlite3')

        // specify a custom objective-c prefix/name
        // it.extraOpts('-module-name', 'DinnoKt')

    binaries {
        framework {
           baseName = ‘MyLibKt’

If I pass a name to the framework, like:

binaries {
     framework("MyLibKt") {
         // disable bitcode embedding for the simulator build
         if (!buildForDevice) {
             embedBitcode 'bitcode' // for release binaries

This works well, but a new apple framework is produced on build/bin/ios folder, aside the auto-generated by the kotlin-multuplatform plugin