Kotlin Multiplatform javaFX/iOS


I’m working with kotlin multiplatform project with javafx and iOS. I need to generate a framework, but when I build gradle this message appears:

Warning:project ‘:shared’: Unable to build Kotlin project configuration
Details: org.gradle.api.internal.artifacts.ivyservice.DefaultLenientConfiguration$ArtifactResolveException: Could not resolve all files for configuration ‘:shared:kotlinCompilerPluginClasspath’.
Caused by: org.gradle.internal.resolve.ModuleVersionNotFoundException: Cannot resolve external dependency org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-scripting-compiler-embeddable:1.3.31 because no repositories are defined.
Required by:
project :shared

Have you defined repositories at the beginning of your build.gradle file? This plugin lies in maven central, so you got to add something like

repositories {