Kotlin not configured

I am endeavoring to create a simple Yested project using the instructions located at: http://www.yested.net/sample-page
Following the steps seems straightforward however on compilation I get the error “Kotlin not configured”.
I have tried:
Invalidate Caches / Restart…
Removing and reconfiguring the KotlinJavaScript module

Any suggestions?

Kotlin plugin has some specific things it looks for and it is easy to change your build file so those checks fail. You can add some text to satisfy the checks and if everything is working correctly you can also just disable that notification in the IDE

Here is my previous thread on the subject: Make the Kotlin plugin shut up!

Feel free to star or vote KT-11556 to get notifications about updates.
Until that You can ignore it or use workaround from @dalewking

Thank you for the feedback. This is much appreciated.
Kind regards