Kotlin 1.3 Release Plan


Hi All,

As part of getting official approval for a Kotlin based platform at my large org, I need to get through some red-tape. Mostly easy enough, but one of the questions revolves around the “support dates” for the version of Kotlin we’re using (1.3.x).

I believe what its looking for is something similar to this release plan information for Node.js: https://nodejs.org/en/about/releases/

I haven’t been able to find anything similar for Kotlin on kotlinlang.org or these forums, but I’m hoping someone here can point me to something I’ve missed?



1.3.x will be supported at least until March 2020.

Also note that future versions will be backward compatible with 1.3, so all you need to remain supported is upgrade timely, plus in rare cases migrate usages of deprecated features and APIs which can often be done automatically (see this document for details).


How long is the support window for major Kotlin releases (3 years per release?)?


We don’t have an established support window policy (yet), 1.3 is going to be supported for at least 1.5 years


Thanks @abreslav, much appreciated.