Kotlin projects tests and structure

Starting as if a person new to Kotlin, who is very much TDD oriented, I was looking for information about how to structure Kotlin projects, source code, unit tests, integration tests and such like. As far as I can tell there is no definite ionformation anywhere on how to approach writing Kotlin code from a TDD perspective. Well at least not as indexed by Google or more recent than 2012. Am I just moissing obvious material or is testing and Kotlin a bit of a hole re documentation and instruction to folk new to Kotlin?

There's Spek (https://jetbrains.github.io/spek/). Also you can still use the same set of tools as when working with Java code (JUnit, TestNG, etc.)

I've been mostly using the same convention that people use for Java.

I possibly haven't tried Spek enough, but to date it doesn't really work for me compared to Spock.

@Unroll with where clause in spock for data-driven testing is a superb tool. Far better than DataProvider in TestNG and Parameterized and Theories in JUnit4.

I find JUnit4 substandard compared to TestNG, and both substandard compared to Spock. Maybe I just have to stick to Spock.

IntelliJ IDEA appears not to have ready made dependencies for JUnit, TestNG or Spock; it is a pain having to manually create these dependencies in newly created projects. Maybe I have to stop using IntelliJ IDEA to create projects and always use a Gradle file so it can so all the dependency handling.