Production readiness and roadmap


Hi Team,

Just to get some visibility do you have any possible date when do you think this cool thing might production ready?
Also can you share some roadmap and plans?

Any plans to have some scripting version engine for the java ScriptEngineManager or maybe are you planing to have your own ScriptEngineManager?



We are going to roll Kotlin out in production inside JetBrains this summer. If all goes well, everybody else can use it in production a few months later.

And some brave souls are using Kotlin in production even today.

As of scripting, this is not a priority direction at the moment, although we are planning to have some such capabilities in future versions


Thank you for the feedback. I can probably live wihtout scripting for a while;-) and I am starting to use this for the unittesting and hopefully I would like to partially convert my web app [mostly backed part ] into this once its official production release. Then I can put some flag on the webapp "Powered by kotlin" ;-)



Hi Frantisek,

Do you mind me asking what you’re using for unit testing? Is it Spek or something else?


Sure. I am just starting it to use. I wrote a few test. and I am going to continue and maybe refactor the old test cuz I can find its more readable. the web is called:

But the unittesting is done: HTMLUnit, Selenium, JUnit



Hi Team,

While reading this post second time I just realized that you mentioned the actual testing framework I just read about on your blog :slight_smile:  Since I was not familiar with this framework I thought that you made a typo and meant spock so I did not pay really an attention.

Just like you present in your Spec [pretty confusing with spock - you should change it ?:expressionless:] creating more human readable code  and just like you show capabilities in different areas of your tutorial  [functions] where you are probably doing the same as in the SPEC

strings filter {it.length == 5} sortBy {it} map {it.toUpperCase()}

so these added functions into iterable, collections, etc  has only 1 param so  you can ommit the DOTTS by doing this  you are really creating human readable language something similar what you have created using MPS for youtrack workflow.

Since I am not going to get into MPS  - (the life is too short),  I think kotlin is better alternative …B-)