Kotlin support in Play 2.0 / sbt framework under IntelliJ IDEA


Congratulations on the Kotlin release, a fantastic language,
keep enhancing / stabalizing.

As for the question

I used TypeSafe Activator to create a new standard
play-java project.

without making any changes, imported project
into IDEA 2016.1 by opening the build.sbt file

then made some adjustments to configuration and then successfully
compiled within IDEA

executed, all worked

then, I replaced one of the controllers (HomeController.java)
by its Kotlin equivalent

tried to compile … got message that compiler can no longer see that
class (even though autocompletion show that it)

Please advise or provide a working example of using Kotlin in Play2 java framework.

thank you,


Did you enable the Kotlin SBT plugin? https://github.com/pfn/kotlin-plugin