Kotlin Test Annotations Not Importing With AGP 7.2+: Unpacking Comment?

I filed a ticket about how Kotlin Test annotations do not display correctly with Android Gradle Plugin (AGP) 7.2+. They still work when tests are ran remotely, but Android Studio has a problem with how they are imported locally.


The suggested resolution seems to be importing those annotations via a different/transitive dependency, but that does not seem to resolve the underlying problem that those imports from org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-test are not being imported/displayed correctly with AGP 7.2+.

Is there any way to get clarification here, or do I/we just need to assume that org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-test will simply not work properly with AGP 7.2+, and the only resolution is to switch imports or annotations?

Update, it looks like this is no longer an issue with AGP 7.3, so it might have been an issue exclusively with AGP 7.2.