Kotlin/Wasm GC

Hello, i really love compose and i want compose multiplatform fully support for web. I know the big problem is that wasm doesn’t have stable garbage collection yet. So my question is: does Jetbrains team plan to make their own garbage collector for Kotlin that will be shipped with compiled wasm binary or they are waiting for stable wasm gc?

Both approaches are already possible. Have a look at these examples: GitHub - Kotlin/kotlin-wasm-examples: Examples with Kotlin/Wasm. If you run gradle wasmBrowserDevelopmentRun in these projects then you have to enable the GC in Chrome: chrome://flags/#enable-webassembly-garbage-collection. If you run gradle jsBrowserRun then a (larger) wasm with integrated GC is built and it should work out of the box. This talk: Introducing Kotlin/Wasm · seb.deleuze.fr has deeper knowledge about the current state.


Didn’t know there is this second option. Many thanks!