WASM / WASI Where Do You Go, Kotlin?


There is a lot going on in Mozilla’s WASM initiative, like here

or here
Standardizing WASI

and it looks like we have a new bright star in the sky of VMs.

I wonder if Kotlin wants to be part of the game before Google, MS and Apple take over…


It is already possible to compile kotlin to wasm. Here is the last year article and here is an example from official repository. It will be production ready as soon as Kotlin-native itself will be ready. Of course, it is very important to have language covering both native applications/wasm and more traditional JVM/JS to get the fair market share. Still, I do not really think that WASM or WASI will have any significant impact anytime in near future.

  1. Whatever Mozilla does, it is still almost impossible to reach the level of sophistication and duplicate the effort put into JDK/JVM.
  2. Kotlin relies a lot on Java libraries and that is why it have grown so fast. There are no such libraries for WASM, so it will be years before one can write with similar level of comfort.
  3. If you are searching for a platform that could eat and run anything and give polyglot interop functionality, there is GraalVM. It is also not yet production ready, but if it works as it supposed to do (and there are some indications that it will), it gives the same functionality with addition of JVM languages and will be ready much faster.