Kotlinc-jvm classpath with many jars



I am trying to use Kotlin REPL (1.3.31) to access local Apache Spark cluster (similar to what Scala REPL and Python PySpark repl do).

The first problem I encountered is that I have ~227 dependent Jar files that Spark depends on (directly and indirectly). The -classpath on Windows 10 command shell can not handle this volume, it seems.
The @argsfile.args does not work for REPL, (not even documented?).

So how do I pass a very long list of jar file dependencies to REPL Kotlin 1.3.31 using classpath or any other way ??

It would be great to adopt Kotlin in Apache Spark, a great alternative to Java and Scala.

PS: I found this, suggesting there is a lot more that is required to make it work…

Thank you very much for comments/opinions/etc