Kotlinx.serialization experimental - release date?


I am trying to pick a JSON library to standardise using Kotlin.


This is still marked as experimental and the documentation (on Git) on how to use it is very thin.

When can we expect this library to go into production and is there a better documentation on how to use the JSON features of this library (detailed examples, API documentation, how-to, etc).

Else - should I use GSON or Jackson for JSON processing instead ?

Many thanks!

if you don’t have plans to move in kotlin native or kotlin js or kotlin multiplatform with your codebase you should use your platform specific solutions, they are pretty simple, kotlinx.serialization developed for multiplatform target, where you need to use some universal and pure-kotlin solutions if its possible

thank you.
I am considering the kotlinx serialization because I can not predict the future.
Right now I am targeting JVM so I could use GSON or Jackson (I think they are most popular).
But in future things may move to Native or WebAssembly or elsewhere.
If everyone is using same libraries then it makes it easier to respond to future directions.

Kotlin serialization is more like a serialization code generator than a serialization library. Most JSON libraries are more for reading/writing Json rather than generating it.