'layoutSubviews' overrides nothing

Normally, overriding functions works (eg. I was able to override viewDidLoad in UIViewController). However, for some reason, when trying to override layoutSubviews in UIView, I get an error that says 'layoutSubviews' overrides nothing

class MyView : UIView {
    constructor(frame: CValue<CGRect>) : super(frame);

    override fun layoutSubviews()
        println("this function was called to layout subviews!!!")

Looking at objc.kt, it looks like maybe the problem is that layoutSubviews is defined in the interop as an extension method rather than a method on the base class?

How / What is the best practice for overriding this method on UIView?

It’s starting to look like a bug to me, so I posted: Failure to override some methods when UIView is the super class · Issue #1035 · JetBrains/kotlin-native · GitHub