List.find function not supported in JS output

Hello, everyone. I’m trying to create a multi-platform library. There is a strange problem with JS output.

In my kt file, I export a function like this

fun calculatePrice(
  position: FuturePosition,
  positionList: List<FuturePosition>,
  balanceList: List<FutureBalance>,
  bracketList: List<FutureBracket>,
): Double {
  val balance = balanceList.find { it.asset == position.collateral } ?: return INVALID_PRICE

and there is my config

js(IR) {
    compilations["main"].packageJson {
      customField("name", "@orgName/abacus")
    browser {}

because it’s a multi-platform library then I run

./gradlew jsBrowserProductionWebpack

It generates a npm package include codes below:

function calculatePrice(position, positionList, balanceList, bracketList) {
    var tmp$ret$2;
    $l$block_2: {
      var tmp$ret$1;
      $l$block_1: {
        var tmp0_iterator_1_1 = balanceList.iterator_0_k$();
        while (tmp0_iterator_1_1.hasNext_0_k$()) {
          var element_2_2 = tmp0_iterator_1_1.next_0_k$();
          var tmp$ret$0;
          $l$block: {
            tmp$ret$0 = element_2_2._asset === position._collateral;
            break $l$block;
          if (tmp$ret$0) {
            tmp$ret$1 = element_2_2;
            break $l$block_1;
          } else {
        tmp$ret$1 = null;
        break $l$block_1;
      tmp$ret$2 = tmp$ret$1;
      break $l$block_2;

it seems that balanceList.find function convert to iterator_0_k$ and next_0_k$. But when I call this function in my app, error occurs:

TypeError: balanceList.iterator_0_k$ is not a function

Is there any wrong with my code or config or build command? Why not support List.find function?

Thanks for your reading? any suggestions?

It seems only support primitive types, sad! :expressionless:
Is there any plan to support List, Map and Set?