List of Kotlin Tool/Library Wishes?

Hi, does anybody know of a good resource for a list of tools or libraries that people want in Kotlin? I’d like to practice Kotlin more, and creating things to help further the Kotlin reach is a great motivation for me. And, it’d be great getting Kotlin to more domains. :slight_smile:

Update: What Kotlin tool/library doesn’t exist yet that you’d like to see? by @irus

Unfortunately, that link only contains existing Kotlin libraries. I’m looking for a list of of ideas for Kotlin libraries that do NOT exist, or have been abandoned and should have attention again.

Just search this forum and youtrack. Currently there are so many libraries being developed that people have no time for abandoned ideas. Better to finish what we are doing before starting something new.

In my opinion one of the most important abandoned (for now) thing is kotlinx-files and stand-alone kotlinx-io, but those require a huge amount of design effort.

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