Live code changes in Kara


Hello, everyone.

Maybe it’s a bit early to talk about this, but is Kara going to evolve into some web app and enterprise app framework?
If so there is a great opportunity to create something like JavaEE stack that doesn’t have it’s drawbacks which are fixed by JRebel.

For example i liked very much how support for live code changes is implemented in Ruby-on-Rails.
You just need to mark class as unloadable and if the appserver config has cache_classes = false (as, for example, in development profile) then class code gets reloaded upon each usage by the appserver so changes in the class take effect. As simple as:

class SubClass < SuperClass

  def someMethod()
While in JavaEE you need whole JRebel to get good support for live code changes.

It would be nice if we could implement in Kara similar simple approach like the one which is used in Ruby-on-Rails.

Huge thanks to all guys and ladies who are working on Kotlin and related things both inside and outside JetBrains.


Kara already has some means for easily reloading parts of an application.