Looking for documentation how Kotlin works with Java


I’m working on a project that cannot use gradle plugin to compile and build Kotlin project. I’m trying to search for some doc or articles explaining how Kotlin is compiled and works interoperable with Java, especially Android. I only found kotlinc compiler options in the official doc but have no idea how I should use them to build a practical project.

Did someone know where’s the best resources to learn these stuff? I will appreciate that very much.


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Have you read the official documentation: Get started with Kotlin/JVM | Kotlin?

Hi, your link gives an introduction on how to begin a Kotlin project in Intellij Idea. I was looking for an article to tell me how kotlinc works with javac out of Intellij Idea and gradle plugin, like I want to know how Intellij builds Kotlin files and Java files together and how did it build the output. Thanks for replying anyway.

It is a multistage process. Kotlin generates java stubs, then runs javac and then kotlinc as far as I remember. So kotlin compiler uses javac under the hood in mixed projects.

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Do you know where to find the detailed documentation of that? That’ll be very helpful. :slight_smile:

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