Looking for Documentation on platform.posix..execlp

I can’t find documentation on;

I can get it to work, and apparently I’m something of a expert on it;

But I am literarily digging through the web to find little bits of info.
Where is the API for it, I searched for it and no dice;

I am really wondering if I can pipe the std out and err back into Kotlin Native (i.e. in a program like GitHub - msink/kotlin-libui: Kotlin/Native interop to libui: a portable GUI library ) like I can in regular Java with Process and Buffers. I am able to get the error or result code (i.e. -1) etc.

Eventually I would like to embed a JVM in .exe files build by Katlin Native, if any one else is interested in this route please contact me scott@adligo.com (or reply on this thread :).

This C code seems to be the way it would be done using the POSIX wrappers;

Do the wrappers for pipe and dup exist in Kotlin?

Perhaps this will help?

Ok it did start working (on windows at least ) yea;

import kotlin.native.OsFamily.*
import platform.posix.*
import kotlinx.cinterop.refTo
import kotlinx.cinterop.toKString

fun main(arguments: Array<String>) {
    if (arguments.size >= 1) {
        arguments.forEach { a -> println(a) }
    val platform  = Platform
    val os = platform.osFamily
    println("os is " + os)
    when (os) {
        WINDOWS -> runWindows()
        else -> runUnix()

fun runWindows() {
    val result = execl("dir", "","")
    //hmm emulate https://gist.github.com/a-cordier/33211eda92b8084a9e7e
    val fp = _popen("dir", "r") ?: error("Failed to run command: dir")
    val buffer = ByteArray(4096)
    var counter = 0
    while (true) {
        val input = fgets(buffer.refTo(0), buffer.size, fp) ?: break
    println("Ran on windows $result");

fun runUnix() {
    execlp("date", "","")
    println("Ran on UNIX")