Looking for Possibilities to build a full stack Kotlin Web App

i am looking for a nice and lightweight way to build a full stack web app only with kotlin. I have to write a web app, which has to interact with an excel file. I built a prototype with Java and Spring MVC but I guess, this way is too heavy for a small application like it will be.

My first thoughts were, that I could build a SPA. However there could be a problem because the whole web app will contain just dialogs with data, that has to be verified and written in the excel file. Also many data will be read from the file and sent to the web app. I think, this should better be done on server side.
The next point is, that there will be a maximum of 20 small dialogs, so Spring MVC would be overly large. However the web app needs a database to store userbased data.

I know, it sounds weird, to build a web app with an excel file as „backend calculation“ but thats it, what I have to do as a working student. The file is realy big and grown over many years and for the company it would be too expensive to develop the logics from beginning. Therefore the target is a small web app, which „moves“ the dialogs from excel to web.

One last point: The App has to run on Apache HHTP Server for objective reasons. So the web app should run on an Server like Tomcat, so that I can combine it with Apache http.
It would be very kind of you, if you could me give some ideas, which combination of products i could use.
My favourite so far is Vaadin-On-Kotlin, but perhaps there is a more lightweight way.

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You could try KVision. Take a look at Address book - fullstack example.

You might have a look at spring-fu, which is a new framework from the Spring organization intended for this very purpose (lightweight microservices), and it’s written in Kotlin: Spring Tips: Spring Fu

Thanks a lot. Both solutions are looking interesting. I will try these ways.