Mapping Nested Values with Jackson

What is the equivalent of the mapping nested value? For i.e.:

    // ...
    private void unpackNested(Map<String,Object> brand) {
        this.brandName = (String)brand.get("name");
        Map<String,String> owner = (Map<String,String>)brand.get("owner");
        this.ownerName = owner.get("name");


If I convert this from Java to Kotlin in the ide:

public class SimpleClass {

    private String path;

    private void unpackPath(Map<String, Object> somePath) {
        this.path = (String) somePath.get("toString");

I am getting this:

class SimpleClass {
    private var path: String? = null
    private fun unpackPath(somePath: Map<String, Any>) {
        path = somePath["toString"] as String?

Is this the right way to do it ?