Modules Group

Is this available to use modules groups? If don’t, this can be useful feature:
It’ll help to beautifully viewing of modules. For example:

  • Core
  • Client
    • Desktop
      • Windows
      • MacOS
    • Mobile
      • iOS
      • Android
  • Web
  • Server

And with this feature will be possible to set common module target to single module or group.
Is it realized, or planned in the future?

I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking.

You mention “modules” and “packages”, and from how you talk about them I suspect you’re talking about Gradle subprojects. With the Kotlin Gradle plugin, you can set different target platforms for each module (usually you’d have several target platforms in one module). You also get to view subprojects in a tree within your project and manage common dependencies in the root project.

You can organize your modules (subprojects) however you like. If you want, you can lay them out the same way as your example.

Here’s a link to the Kotlin hands-on. I’d recommend checking out the one titled Introduction to Kotlin Multiplatform

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Is this what you’re looking for?

You were understood me correctly. “Packages” is my mistake.
Thank you for links, that you gave me. Them solved many following problems.

Unexpectedly, modules can be organized with simple directories)
In “Project Structure” I can set dependencies, but not for whole directory. Either directories nothing change in a tree representation. How to fix this?

Yes, this is what I need. But how to realize this?)

You probably want to follow the tutorials instead of us copy-pasting each step here–it’ll be a lot easier for you. Although the tutorials may not exactly get you the structure you wrote, following them (and maybe a few Gradle tutorials) will give you the skills to do exactly what you want.

Some of the specific features in 1.4 require you to use the preview release. Luckily there are instructions in the blog post for installing the early access preview.

You can find the links in the earlier replies.


Ok, thanks you very much!