Multiplatform Kotlin library - don't have all listed folders and functionalities

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a new Multiplatform Kotlin library regarding official document

After creating a new project (Kotlin-> Library) I don’t have listed folders as described in the doc (Missing macOS folders).
So, after updating IntelliJ and Koltin to the latest versions, I don’t have the same “options” as I already have in the previous versions of multiplatform libs/projects (common code, Android, iOS, Web).

Instead of that macOS, I can see native folders, and the missing part is packForXCode (a task for creating iOS framework) in .kts file.

So, my question is, do I need to combine two docs to create a full multiplatform project, or is there something new to try instead of?


Hello, @alzomins!
The first tutorial you’re referring seems a bit obsolete. I think you should better have a look at Create a multiplatform library - Kotlin Programming Language. About missing macOS folders, that’s probably because of a native-named target being created, that’s illustrated in the doc I mention.
The other one tutorial, it is about creating a shared library and a simple Android and iOS apps utilising it. This tutorial aims to use Android Studio with the Kotlin Mobile Multiplatform plugin(see some details here). However, you can create a library like that from IntelliJ, I’m just not sure there is a wizard creating projects with exactly this structure.

Hello @Artyom.Degtyarev,
thanks for the quick response. Doc that You’ve mentioned is fine.
If the initial doc is obsolete, please, remove them from the official website, because it might be confusing for the users.

Thank you for your time

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