New Kotlin plugin for IDEA generates odd warnings and produce not valid class for .apk


I have two problems:

  1. updated plugin installed in IDEA still generates  wrong class (probably with ACCT_STATIC flag set) which causes resulting .apk can not be installed on Android emulator with INSTALL_FAILED_DEXOPT error message. May I have an updated standalone compiler to check the issue with ant, without IDE? The details of the story are at

  2. The IDE shows errors in correct Kotlin code (which can be compiled without even warnings), screenshot attached.
    Can it be an issue of IDEA itself?


idea-odd-kotlin-message.jpg (125 KB)

This looks like a bug in the Kotlin front-end. Could you give us your project? E.g. file an issue and attach the project to it? Thanks

Hi Andrey,

yes, I did: IDEA-82820.


Thanks, it's now We'll look into it.