New project in IntelliJ, catch-22

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I recently downloaded IntelliJ and tried to setup a new Kotlin project.

One way to create a Kotlin project is “New → New Project → Kotlin”. Another is via “New → New Project → Gradle” and then “Tools → Kotlin → Configure Kotlin in Project”.

The first way, it is easy to write/build/run Kotlin – but there is no build script (build.gradle or pom.xml) so there is way to add dependencies. The second way, there is a build.gradle but it does not seem to find my Kotlin files (even though I put them in src/main/kotlin/<name of artifact>.

It would be nice to have Kotlin+Gradle and to create through a blessed path in the IntelliJ UI (might as well know the right way to do things). Anyone been through this and have some thoughts about my predicament?

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If you are using the Android plugin (are building android) the src/kotlin directory is not recognised. You can add it manually or just put your kotlin files in the java directory, either works.

Where does the Kotlin Gradle plugin expect to find Kotlin sources by
Paul de Vrieze schrieb am Sa. 27. Mai 2017
um 10:55:

The default for non-android is src/main/kotlin where main is the sourceset.