Portable Application for Windows

Hello All,
I am new to this community.
I am not a professional programmer (majored in ship structural design and strength) so my apologies for maybe silly questions.
I developed a script that processes multiple text files and returns kind of report. It works well but by boss is still unhappy since only i can use it. He wants me now to do a portable software based on this script (very simple GUI with only a couple of buttons and a field to enter paths for the files to be processed).
I would appreciate any information, examples that would help me to achive this goal.
Thanks in advance.

I’m guessing your not using Kotlin native or Kotlin JS, but the normal kotlin JVM. The resulting program should run on any platform with java installed.
What build system are you using? IntelliJ IDE, gradle or maven? Depending on which there are different ways to build a .jar file which you can share with your boss.
If you don’t know you are probably using IntelliJ IDE, in which case this should help you: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/idea/packaging-a-module-into-a-jar-file.html

And if you using Kotlin/Native - https://github.com/msink/kotlin-libui should be enought for your goals.