[pres] Android devs - how to transition to Kotlin easily


We had started to use Kotlin at StxNext some time ago for Android development. So far it’s great.
I did two presentations on Kotlin for our internal mobile team at StxNext with the clear purpose of helping fellow devs kickstart their Kotlin development.

1 - Kotlin Developer Starter in Android projects

This presentation is a Developer Starter - a set of hand-picked information allowing a person with no knowledge of Kotlin to start writing basic Android activities and set up an Android-kotlin project. […] I explain basic use cases, syntax, structures and patterns. Later on Kotlin is presented in Android context. In the end cost of Kotlin usage is presented and the language is compared to SCALA and SWIFT.

link here

2 - Kotlin advanced - language reference for android developers

I try go deeper into language specifics and look at the positive impact new syntax can have on boilerplate removal and readability improvement. Kotlin really shines in Android development when one looks at “Enum translation”, “Extension functions”, “SAM conversions”, “Infix notation”, “Closures” and “Fluent interfaces” applied to lists. Language-specifics of Java & Kotlin in terms of “Type Variance”, “Generics” is compared.
Presentation is accompanied with an example project (link inside)

link here