Printing In Colors

Hi Everyone
I’m trying to print and output in colors,how do I do it in kotlin??
let say we want to print(“Hello World”) and it has to be in red.

I don’t think there is an official way of doing it. But you can try to use ANSI escape codes to tell your console that a text should be colored (most terminals support it, including IntelliJs terminal & output).

// Everything after this is in red
val red = "\u001b[31m"

// Resets previous color codes
val reset = "\u001b[0m"

println(red + "Hello World!" + reset)

Pretty sure there are also 3rd party libraries that allow you to use colors.

See also: ANSI EscapeCode

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At least two that I’m aware of:


Thanks a lot man!it worked!
so as I see I have to know that specific color’s code to have an output on that one.
Really appreciate your help!