Questions about Kotlin native for iOS


I looked into the implementation of current iOS integration.
Seems the idea is to implement the UI using the native approach - like storyboard and write the ViewController in kotlin.

So, 3 questions:

  1. It seems that there are some iOS API for writing the kotlin for iOS.
    Things like:
    import kotlinx.cinterop.*
    import platform.UIKit.*
    import platform.Foundation.*
    import platform.CoreData.*
  • So this should be 1:1 map to the native API in order to implement the iOS app?
  • Are all the APIs supported or just some of them currently?
  • Is there a list that we could see?
  1. Is this the currently the only way to do the kotlin native for iOS?

  2. Or we can use kotlin native as a lib to interop with the Obj-C code rather than taking full control (Full control is good, I just think maybe it’s safe to just implement some business logic in kotlin consider the version number :slight_smile: Don’t know, glad to have some discussion here)?