I have become very accustomed to creating JavaScript UI’s using a particular style of programming. Specifically, the way React does it:

  1. Define a data structure that represents the data behind my UI. AKA, the “model” (in react it’s called state and props)
  2. Define a view as a function of that model: view(model)
  3. I never mutate the view directly.
  4. I do directly update the model which, in turn, triggers a view update. This view update is done in a smart way (by the framework) to minimize DOM mutations (i.e dom diffing).

I know that Kotlin has a nice DSL for generating html dom nodes. This looks really cool. But it only solves half the problem. I see there is a project called Reakt. But it doesn’t look very active.

So, for those of you doing client-side html programming, what patterns or frameworks are you using? I don’t want to go back to manual view updates.

React + pure script nice combo :slight_smile:

You can use Kotlin/JS with existing JS UI frameworks. Here you can find the example how we do it with React. Also, take a look at Yested Framework that is written in Kotlin.