Reflection does not work with overload methods?

class MyClass {
    fun myMethod(value: String) {}
    fun myMethod(value: Int) {}
    fun anotherMethod() {
        MyClass().myMethod(1) // OK
        MyClass().myMethod("1") // OK
        MyClass::anotherMethod.toString() // OK

        // **Error: Overload resolution ambiguity**
        // How to refer to myMethod(value: Int)?

        // **Why the onAttach( is referred and no compile error here?**
        // How to refer to onAttach(android.content.Context)?

Could someone help me solve the 2 problems in the example code above?

I am facing this problem now. How did you solve it?

This should work:

val method: KFunction2<MyClass, Int, Unit> = MyClass::myMethod