Replace Anko's doAsync, uiThread with kotlinx-coroutines-core lib


is it possible to replace Anko’s doAsync and uiTread with something from kotlinx-coroutines-core lib?


Not yet, but the next release of kotlinx.coroutines project will come out with a separate kotlin-coroutines-android module. That will provide a replacement you are looking for.


Thank you!


could you tell, please, when the next release of kotlinx.coroutines will come?


Somewhere this week.


Thank you!


Released. A guide on UI programming with coroutines is here:


Thank you!


one thing, but offtopic: it would be nice to see examples in javadoc of kotlin libraries(stdlib, etc.). For example, the page has been written good, but lacks examples of code; it would be useful to see the sections “Examples” in the docs.


I have not figured out how to provide nice self-contained examples right there. Most of the functions are not independent and are really used in the context of other functions. There are lots of the examples in the guide: As you can see, they are all somewhat on the big side to be included directly into the documentation pages.


maybe in javadoc in section “Examples” put links on the examples?


Great idea, thank you. I can automate that by adding back-references from the reference documentation on functions and classes to the guide sections that mention (link to) them.


Thank you too! and one more thing, by the way: Changelog in javadocs for every class\method\function would be also useful, if it is possible to add; what i mean, for example, is here: