Requested invite to Slack twice, no response

Hi all

This is essentially the same issue as Slack request, no response but I presume it is preferred that I post a new thread.

The Kotlin Community page ( ) suggests it is possible to join the slack channel by requesting an invite at This sign-up form suggests that a response should arrive in 24hrs.

Around mid-week I completed the invite page. Friday I had not received anything and again completed the form, with a different e-mail address in-case there was a delivery issue (spamhaus or similar). Unfortunately I have still not received anything.

I absolutely do appreciate these requests may only be processed sporadically, particularly in these uncertain times. Could I please request that the text on the sign-up page is modified to set realistic expectations for the invite process?

Best regards

Invite received thank you.

If the delay is usual I believe my suggestion to update the sign-up page text remains relevant.

Hi! Thanks for reaching out to us and for raising this issue. As the delayed delivery of invitations is an issue that has been raised on multiple occasions, I’ve updated the text to provide more accurate information. It now says to expect a maximum wait time of 48 hours. However, I’m afraid that these delays sometimes occur because of technical issues, and in some cases the invites are never delivered to the applicants. We will figure out a back-up plan for such cases. Thank you!