Select Network operators


Normally on my Mobile (Samsung A51) i choose
“Settings -> Connections -> Mobile networks -> Network operators” there
Select automatically or Select manually

i’m sure that is possible, to write a kotlin app - where i have
a) two Buttons
Button 1 => Select automatically
Button 2 => Select manually
or b) Come directly to the screen “Network operators” (there i can chosse Select automatically or Select manually)

How i write this app?

Please help my.
Thanks, Greets Dani

If you are unsure how to write apps at all, check out Build your first app

If you are uncertain about the Android APIs to use for your specific task, you are more likely to get a better response on a forum like Stack Overflow.

This forum is specifically for Kotlin. You’ll get better answers elsewhere with questions that are really more Android focused.


Hi nickallendev

Thank you, for the answer.
so i tried it on stack overflow.

Best Regards. Dani