SlickGrid and Kotlin JS


I am trying to manage the SlickGrid   with Kotlin JS project.

I cannot figure out what kotlin JS code can produce correct constructor call.

In pure JS it is


var slickgrid = new Slick.Grid(container, rows, columns, options);

constructor in slick.grid.js

(function () {   // Slick.Grid   .extend(true, window, {
  Slick: {
  Grid: SlickGrid

function SlickGrid(container, data, columns, options){…}



You need to declare classes and functions in your kotlin code like:


class Node

class Options

class Data

class Column

class Grid(container: Node, data: Array<Data>, columns: Array<Column>, options: Options) {
  // methods and properties

fun main(args: Array<String>) {
  val container = Node()
  val data = array(Data())
  val columns = array(Column())
  val options = Options()

  Grid(container, data, columns, options)


thanks for you reply. It generate exactly I want.