Small issues with the example JS projects


I wanted to mention is that the JS examples (Creatures, KotlinPuzzle) don't work out-of-the-box.  When I try to create an IntelliJ project from the Github project it doesn't really work, it finds the HTML module, but then when I try to build, it says something like "multiple modules are not supported currently".  So I had to remove the HTML module and make sure the name of generated JS file matches the name in the HTML file.  I finally was able to run Creatures, but KotlinPruzzle still doesn't seem to work.

I think it’s nice if there are examples that work out of the box without scratching your head too much  :)  Also I noticed that most Github projects don’t check in .ipr file.  How come?  Wouldn’t this make it easier for other people to open and run the project?  I thought the point of .ipr and .iws is to separate the workspace specific stuff from the project so you can check in .ipr file, but maybe I’m wrong.


Looks like you are trying to do some thing rather special. HTML modules are not really involved in the examples. What is exactly your scenario step-by-step? Thanks


Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I get the project from GitHub, since there is no .ipr file I do "New Project..." -> "Create project from existing sources", and then I select the root of the KotlinCreatures project.  IntelliJ does not recognize Kotlin sources or the .iml file, but instead it finds Static Web content in the "production" dir, and so it wants to create a new module there.  So I end up with one module called "Production", but it ignores the .iml file that came with the project.

Is there a better way to open this project?  I tried “Open Project…” but only .iml file is there so it doesn’t work.  That’s why I think it would be simpler if .ipr file is checked in, or otherwise there should be instructions on how to open/run the project.


Of course, you don't need to create your project from existing sources manually :)

Since version 9, IntelliJ IDEA uses directory-based project format by default, instead of file-based. It means that project metadata is stored in “.idea” subdirectory under project instead of “*.ipr” file. To open project, you need to select project base directory in Open Project dialog (they have IDEA’s icons instead of simple folder icons) and press “OK”.

With IDEA projects hosted on Github it’s even simpler. Just go to VCS -> Checkout from Version Control -> GitHub, enter your Github credentials and repository URL. IDEA will offer opening the project automatically when it is checked out.


I knew you can check out from VCS, but I had already checked it out (or downloaded). I didn't see the .idea directory since it was hidden in the finder.  I thought I tried to "open" project... but now I tried it again and pointed to that directory and it worked.  Thanks.