Strange errors of Idea kotlin plugin

Sorry for bad english, it's not my native language.

When I switched to idea 14.1 and kotlin M12 strange errors highlighted by IDE appeared. Usage of .firstOrNull() or .toArrayList() for example (some other methods gave same error) gave this error: Cannot choose among the following candidates without completing type inference. Maven build still completes successfully. I’ve attached a screenshot where problem is shown.

I tried to google that problem and search it in kotlin bugtracker but didn’t succeeded.

Maybe there is some solution? Or I should work now ignoring this errors and wait for a new version with fix?

err1.png (17.3 KB)

Please check that your project has the correct version of the Kotlin runtime attached, and does not by accident have multiple versions attached to it.

Oh, thank you! I didn't notice that i had two kotlin runtimes in project libraries. One from maven dependencies and one added by kotlin plugin. Removal of KotlinJavaRuntime library, added by plugin helped to solve problem.