IDEA's Kotlin Plugin has issues when adding dependencies that has Kotlin shaded on it


I think the title explains everything: If you have an dependency that has Kotlin shaded on it, adding the JAR to a project (as a dependency) causes the JAR to be simply ignored by IDEA (you can’t use Kotlin features and can’t use any of the classes in your dependency)

For context: What I always did (before 1.2) is having a “Core” dependency that has a bunch of utils classes and the Kotlin runtime, every other plugin depends on that core dependency.

But now, because IDEA doesn’t work with that dependency, I need to add the Kotlin runtime via classpath… While this fixes the issue, it is a regression on IDEA’s Kotlin plugin.

Compiling the project via Maven works fine.


Small update: It seems this is an IDEA’s Kotlin Plugin issue regression that exists since 1.2.50: