Suggestion - Browser \ Chrome Extension that can run raw kotlin code


I’m pretty sure the browser part is possible, but as for the chrome extension… I have no idea.
Also I’m pretty new to kotlin and this forum, please don’t kill me if someone already suggested that 0.0

The browser can even cache used libraries, and we’ll be able to use other java libraries,
we can also set up a permission system ( like android’s one ), so not every script will get access to important system resources, default permissions will be internet access, website access ( the entire page + cookies ), and they will be able to ask for file system access and more

Then if / when this gets popular, browser will hopefully start to implement this by default, javascript finally dies ( YAY ) and kotlin gets a huge boost

Sorry for the messy thread, hopefully you got my idea


Looks like you’re trying to reinvent Java applets.


With kotlin!


This is the kind of response my coworkers would expect from me, so I understand your enthusiasm. Unfortunately, at this point I’m afraid JavaScript is basically immortal. Even if we had browsers that can compile Kotlin (or TypeScript or another language) and run it without converting it to JavaScript first, the sheer amount of JavaScript code existing at the moment makes it impossible to get rid of it completely.


So make the browser run both kotlin and js, eventually ( hopefully ) everyone will switch to kotlin


Is there any browser or extension for developers?
For example Dart has it’s own build of Chromium called Dartium ( and it’s very handy , becase before building final project, you can test it without compiling whole project.


@Erezbiox1 - What you are really after is compiling Kotlin to WASM (latest version of Kotlin Native supports this as an experimental feature). Keep in mind that WASM currently doesn’t have a way to interop with JS libs, but it will eventually arrive in one form or another. All the major web browsers have built-in support for WASM even though WASM isn’t stable yet.