Web apps in Kotlin

Kotlin kommunity,

I was impressed with the Kotlin HTML 5 demo, it’s really great to see that Kotlin can be used to build web apps too.  This seems like more fun than using GWT.

I have plans to build a web project that has some complexity to it, and I would love to use Kotlin.  So I’d like to start the conversation, what’s currently possible, and what will be possible in the future.  I think compiling Kotlin to javascript is just the first step, you need some additional tools (build tools, web framework, etc) to make the development of a web app with Kotlin more fun.  

What’s currently missing?  How can we team up and help to create this?

Currently only the compilation to JavaScript is implemented (an alpha version, in fact). There's very much room for contribution: adapting existing web frameworks (like Play, for example) to Kotlin, providing build tools, porting untyped JS APIs to Kotlin (you need typed declarations etc).

If you are planning to contribute here, let’s coordinate the exact steps.

Is there any date for standalone alpha release javascript compiler?

We are preparing it now. Should be ready pretty soon.