Supporting MariaDB in Jetbrains/Exposed?

I’ve been looking for a Kotlin database ORM, and Jetbrain’s own Exposed looks promising. However, it doesn’t currently support MariaDB. Given that MariaDB is supposed to be a drop-in replacement for MySQL, should I be able to us MariaDB instead?

In my own experiments with the Exposed sample code, the Exposed DSL works with MariaDB, but the DAO approach does not. I’ve outlined the problem I face in ticket 132.

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Doesn’t work in MySQL either for me. The Exposed DAO approach only worked with PostgreSQL. Windows 10, MariaDB version 10.2.7-MariaDB and MySQL 5.7.19 both fail with a Null Pointer Exception whill flushing in the inserts, using the example code from the Exposed file.