Swift enum CLAuthorizationStatus value

Hi, I trying to ask for a location permissions and I did applied a when condition with CLLocationManager.authorizationStatus() trying to compare with your possible enum CLAuthorizationStatus values.
But I cannot use this CLAuthorizationStatus.denied or whatever swift iOS common value of this enum use normally. I really don’t understand why use this values on Kotlin multiplatform. I believe that I cannot understand the translation os these enums or not exists.
I trying to import platform.CoreLocation.CLAuthorizationStatus.* or using the combined name like with other swift libraries CLAuthorizationStatusDenied but there attemps were unsucessfully.

Finally and while edit this text I found like to do it. and is adding a k prefix to enum and merging the enum with the value, like this: kCLAuthorizationStatusAuthorizedWhenInUse

However I found the solution I choose keep this message for is other people like me is yet having troobles when doing stuff like this.