Thelema engine (3d graphics)

I’m making Thelema engine - 3d graphics engine in Kotlin. It was based on libGDX sources.
Currently main platforms is JVM and TeaVM (Java bytecode compiler to javascript).
I also develop Kotlin/Multiplatform module. And now Thelema works with Kotlin/JS and Kotlin/Native. Currently there is no klib for multiplatform, just sources (thelema-kx module in repository). And I tested it only on linux.

You can see supported features here:

Also see live demo: TeaVM and Kotlin/JS


I am interested in multiplatform 3D engines. Still, the documentation is not enough to understand how could I define models and primitives.

Yes, documentation is not enough. Also there must be tutorials how to build complete application.
For now, I think, only tests can be useful.

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