toLowerCase() is deprecated, what should I use it in common module instead

Hi, now toLowerCase() is deprecated, so how can I use this functionality in KMM in common module, as there is no Locale class in common?
I used it in common module to convert user input #tAgS to #tags with locale aware rules. And now this new inconvenient api come :frowning:

Use the proposed replacement lowercase(), but mind the behavior change in JVM regarding the default locale.
Note that earlier toLowerCase() didn’t take into account locale in common code (except JVM) anyway, so in platforms other than JVM the replacement should be equivalent.

You can use lowercaseChar() or uppercaseChar() instead of toLowerCase() or toUpperCase()

Kotlin has extension for toLowerCase() or toUperCase() as @ilya.gorbunov said you can use "string".lowerCase() directly in kotlin. In java if you want to use toLowerCase() there was constructor with Local Parameter for it too.