Upgrading Old Website from Java to Kotlin


Hey guys,

I have an old O&M Manual for my water plant that was designed and created as a webpage. The manual uses javascript and requires it to be enabled in order to properly use it. I need to convert this to something that future browsers will support - there aren’t many that support java any more.

I have all of the files associated with the “website” including the javascript files as it is entirely locally based.

How can I convert the javascript to kotlin and change the website to use kotlin instead of javascript?

I have no javascript/kotlin experience and the last time I played with html coding was in the mid 90’s and I didn’t get far.


Are you sure you’re not confusing Java with Javascript?

In case of Javascript there’s no reason to worry, all modern browsers support javascript and will hardly stop supporting it in the future.


And if they would kotlin would no longer work for browsers. Well not without adding another compile target :wink:


No, I’m not sure. Point in fact you’re probably right that I am as it keeps asking me to “enable Java” when I go to view the manual.