Using a built-from-source Kotlin compiler via Gradle

I am having trouble getting my project to compile using the Kotlin compiler I have built from source. I have created a kotlin starter project with gradle init --type kotlin-application and I have added these lines (found here) to my settings.gradle:

includeBuild('/path/to/kotlin') {
    dependencySubstitution {
        substitute module('org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-compiler') with project(':include:kotlin-compiler')

When I do a ./gradlew build --info in my starter project, I can see that the there are :kotlin:* tasks running (though they re-run only after I do a ./gradlew dist in the kotlin compiler repo) but the changes I’ve made to the Kotlin compiler (I’ve added some print/logging statements) are not showing up when compiling the code in my project.

How can I get my project to compile with a built-from-source Kotlin compiler using Gradle?