Using Android Studio versions 3.5.2 and 4.0 Canary 2

I’m currently using the latest stable version of Android Studio, 3.5.2. I’m using Jetbrains Toolbox for upgrades.

I’d like to run it in parallel with 4.0 Canary 2.

Two questions:

  1. Can I install 4.0 Canary 2 with Jetbrains Toolbox without affecting the existing installation of 3.5.2? Or do I need to download 4.0 Canary 2 directly from the web site?

  2. If I accidentally open an existing Android Studio project with 4.0 Canary 2, and that breaks the project by making configuration changes, is there an easy way of rolling back the changes?

  1. Yes you can install multiple versions of the same IDE side by side.
    See: or the image bellow.

  2. You could probably use the Local History functionality from the IDE to revert the changes.


I installed the 4.0 Canary build with Jetbrains Toolbox. It seemed to share the Android and Java SDK’s with 3.5.2, but I guess that’s not a problem.

I made a point of using a separate directory for Android Projects.

The Local History feature seems to have limits. I suppose I just need to make sure my projects are backed up.

Use a revision control system like git.

Thanks, I’ll look into that. But I have projects in which I’m simply experimenting with stuff, and setting up git repos for those might be too much trouble.