Using Kobalt instead of Gradle in Android Studio


Hello, did somebody try to use kobalt instead of gradle?


Yes, it’s great.
My only drawback is that in intellij auto update is instant.
I think there should be a delay of a couple of seconds.


is it faster, than gradle?


Yes, kobalt depends heavily on parallel builds and does so effectively.


thank you!


But Gradle does parallel build as well?!


You can configure the kobalt plugin so that updates only happen manually.

If you don’t want Intellij to update the project immediately when you edit the build file, go to your project’s .idea folder, find kobalt.xml, and remove this line:

<option name="useAutoImport" value="true" />


I like to have it autocompleted, but I would like to have it with a small delay.
Because I’m not a very fast writer and at the moment the project rebuilds different times during my writing


is there a way to use kobalt in Android Studio?


there is an android-kobalt plugin so I guess you should install it.


thank you!


Thx = like, good for my stats :wink:

Your welcome


Did you have success with the kobalt android plugin?




What’s failing?


ERROR Could not find artifact in (


looks like google maven is not imported…

repos(“”) should fix it.

I see the android-kobalt plugin is not updated recently… :flushed: