Using kotlin without stdlib

How do I use kotlin without it stldib? I don’t want to use all of this supercool features, I just want java with concise syntax.
The problem is, the language is getting on my way. When I disable stdlib in, I can’t actually implement any java interface because so called “mapped types” are missing.

A significant part of “concise syntax” of kotlin is moved from the language itself to the standard library, so it is mostly unusable without it. You can call java types directly like java.util.Map, but still you will miss most of the things that make kotlin kotlin. I am not sure, why do you need to remove kotlin stdlib, If you want to s limit the size of the package, then standard tools like proguard or R8 will reduce the overhead of compiled code size almost to zero.

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Thanks for your reply, actually is is not possible to use java.util.Map when implementing interface with it because of “mapped types”. Compiler complains that there is no such overload and propose to implement a method with kotlin MutableMap instead.